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    Length of Therapy

    Most sessions last between 45-50 minutes,though the therapy time frames differ for every client. Some issues can be resolved with a brief model of therapy within 10 sessions, while others require more extensive work. Within the first session, your therapist will discuss a recommended amount of time needed to address and resolve your specific needs.

    Individualized Support

    Every person has different needs  making the therapy experience different for each client. After your first session, our highly skilled therapists will create an individualized plan for your treatment goals. We can provide individual sessions, joint sessions, family sessions, parent check in sessions, sibling focused sessions, and more.

    Building a Team

    Our therapists can work with family members, school staff, daycare staff, past therapists or doctors, and any other support people you choose to be a part of your team. We believe that the bigger the support, the better the results. Speak with your therapist about the support people, if any, you want involved in treatment.


    We maintain each client’s confidentially, what is shared within therapy is kept in confidence and will not be shared with anyone. However, there are a few exceptions to confidentiality as enforced by the state. Your therapist will discuss confidentiality in-depth during your first session.


    We do not prescribe medication or give advice regarding medication management. All Medication questions are directed towards your primary physician or psychiatrist. Ask your therapist for referral resources for psychiatry if necessary.